Limited Edition

NychairX 50th Anniversary Model



The color, in which everything has its beginning, that reminds of clear and fresh mornings. The simple, yet enjoyable texture of the raw, woven fabric. This comfortable, yet very durable fabric has been created in Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture using the traditional shuttle looms, rarely seen in use anymore. Because of this, the texture will feel more refined over the course of time.


Black – a color with a depth, that absorbs any other, reminding of a peaceful night. With each use it will grow more familiar, and its beauty will mature over time. Such blackness, which poses technical difficulties to convey, was achieved through dyeing separate threads and a precise weaving technique used by the craftsmen of Takashima, Shiga Prefecture.

Special armrest finish

The armrests proudly show the natural grain and structure of the beech wood they are made of. They have been given an oil finish, which complements their beauty and allows to observe it in the passage of time.

Limited edition with individual serial numbers

The 50th anniversary edition of NychairX has an individual number laser engraved on the bottom of one of the armrests. It can be felt using the right hand when seated.

Frame with a distinct gloss

Frame with a distinct gloss, which brings to mind the chrome plating of the first manufactured NychairX. The material used now is polished stainless steel, which helps to prevent degradation.

Unique anniversary tags

Special “50th Anniversary 1970-2020” tags have been sewn into the fabric of the seats.

Limited Edition NychairX 50th Anniversary Model

2020 marks 50 years of NychairX, the chair designed by Japanese designer Takeshii Nii and first created in 1970. To celebrate the anniversary of NychairX, “a chair which contributes to good living, loved by the generations”, the special limited edition was created and is now available for sale. The anniversary models Kinari and Kuro confront the material itself. It is a design created to reinterpret the ideas of Takeshii Nii from 50 years ago. The individual serial numbers, which commemorate these limited anniversary models, are engraved on the bottom side of the armrests.

The classic NychairX experience.
Stable form allows for undisturbed rest. Stands upright even when folded.

The rocking chair to help you get up easily.
By using your own body weight you can gently rock the chair and lean back to be embraced by the feeling of safety.

NychairX Ottoman can be paired with NychairX or NychairX Rocking for even deeper relaxation. It also makes for an excellent stool on its own.


Japanese quality

Even during the armrest processing and frame bending, the words of Takeshii Nii were present with the manufacturers: to create a chair that would be reasonably priced and useful, without compromising comfort. To assure the best possible quality, the manufacturing takes place wholly in Japan.


The seat and the back combined, pipe frame, armrests: the NychairX’s structure may be simple, but it requires advanced technology to manufacture. The durable fabric has been made and carefully sewn together by Japanese craftsmen so it can comfortably support the weight of the user and the frame. It also can be freely removed and attached at home.

The making of the NychairX

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