Q: I have already a double sofa in the living room, but I am considering buying a foldable, easy-to-carry Nychair X chair. I do not have much space at home and I am afraid that it may take up too much space. Is the chair big?
A: Of course, everyone might feel differently but many say "chair took less space than I expected". You can place it closer to the wall so that it does not take up too much room. The armchair folds easily and it is extremely portable, so you can relax anywhere. The chair folds to width of only 15 cm.

Q: Is the fabric and other elements made in Japan? Was it assembled in Japan?
A: Yes. The origin of all components for the Nychair X chair is  from Fujiei Corporation come originally from Japan. In addition, the production takes place in a Japanese factory with many years of experience.

Q: I bought a replaceable seat and screws, but I had a problem with assembly. Does the same type of Nychair X has different variants?
A: Yes. There are differences in specifications depending on the manufacturer. Replacement seat fabric and screws manufactured by our company are compatible only with the following Nychair X.

Fujiei Corporation Nychair X Fujiei Corporation Nychair F (produkcja wstr) NYFURNITURE Co. LTD Nychair X (produkcja wstrzymana) In 1970-2013, Nyfurniture Co. LTD produced Nychair X with the same specification in parallel with Fujiei Corporation, but production has currently stopped. Currently production of Nychair X is run by PARKTRADINGS CO., LTD, however our replacement products do not fit their models.
Q: I wanted to buy a replacement seat. How can I recognize whether my Nychair X model was manufactured by Fujiei Corporation?
A: You can recognize it by the label attached to the material. On the back of the label you will find an inscription: "Nychair X Fujiei EU Corporation." Also please view: - hexagonal screws made from stainless steel which  are used in the crossing points of the chair legs. - small screws made of stainless steel are used for the armrest. You can also recognize it by reinforcement  sewing, which reduces the movement of the tubes/pipes.

Q: I followed the description in the assembly instructions, but the screw does not want to screw in. How can I deal with it?
A: There is a possibility that the part is damaged. Please provide the circumstances and type of damage, the name of the part, and the date and place of purchase, if you know.