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From Inside to Outside, from Outside to Inside

These partitions can block dazzling sunlight or the view from the outside but at the same time allow people inside to be aware of light, wind, or sound from outside the partition. They are indispensable items in Japanese houses, where people highly value the changes in the natural world outside. Nychair X Shikiri is inspired by the concept of a shikiri partition and suggests a lifestyle with a closer connection to nature.


Light Grey Koshi

A horizontally long lattice pattern. The slight contrast of thin white lines against the light grey background creates an image of morning sunlight outlining the frame of a wooden lattice door.



The narrow stripes made of blue and white lines represent light and breeze traveling through a reed screen. The delicate coloring evokes haze over a lake.

Dark Grey Shoji

A pattern with large squares representing the frame of a shoji screen. The Dark grey color with a blue tint is inspired by the deep color of forest in mist.


Textile & Interior designer

Rika Kawato

Rika Kawato took part in the production of NychairX Shikiri, from the concept development stage to the design of the chair’s textiles and colors.

Born to a Japanese father and Danish mother, she was raised and educated in different countries such as the Soviet Union and Sweden, and the USA.
Influences from her diverse background have been a fundamental element in her work as a designer.

Top Quality Fabric & Highly Renowned Assembly Plant

The removable seat is made from top-grade cotton fabric that can easily support the user’s weight and the structure of the chair. A factory in Takashima City, Shiga prefecture produces the characteristic patterns of Nychair X Shikiri’s fabrics using yarn dyeing and delicate weaving technique.

Another trusted factory with many years of expertise, puts together the finest materials and create the main body of the chair with special care paid to the arm rests and bending of the chair piping.


The flagship NychairX. Its backrest angle and seat made of fabric allows maximum comfort.
Even when folded the NychairX can stand on its own.


The NychairX Rocking makes it easy to get up from the chair.
When users shift their body weight, the chair rocks in a relaxing manner, creating a feeling of coziness.


When combined with the NychairX or NychairX Rocking, the NychairX Ottoman makes for an even more relaxing experience.
It is also perfect as a stool.


Arm Rests: Made of oak.

Two colors available.


Soap finish: Utilizes the natural surface of oak


Charcoal Black: A color inspired by charcoal. Urethane coating.

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