The newly re-launched Nychair X 80, was created in 1980, 10 years after the launch of the original Nychair X.

It was developed to meet the changing needs of the times, as people moved from a low seated living environment with tatami mats, to a more western lifestyle with chairs.

While maintaining the enveloping comfort of the chair, the seat height is set higher than that of the original Nychair X, and the backrest can be folded to make it more compact and easier to carry.

Open your chair, Open your world

If you open your chair,
your workspace becomes a retreat.
If you open two chairs,
your balcony becomes a parlor for an enjoyable conversation.

What you want to do, where you want to go
Perhaps traveling far away isn’t the only option to rejuvenate.
We can create a comfortable space wherever we are.

Where to work, how to live, who to have fun with
With your infinite imagination,
Ordinary places can seem like a new world.

So, where would you like to open your chair?



The height and angle of the armrest is set so that the arm rests naturally from the elbow. When it is too high, it causes stiff shoulders, and if too low, the weight of the arm is not properly supported.

S-shaped backrest


The S-shaped backrest naturally supports the lower back. Without proper support, it is easy to hunch over, resulting in a posture that causes fatigue.

Seat height and depth


The height and depth of the seat is set to allow the feet to firmly rest on the floor. Placing a gap of two fingers length between the back of the knees and the front edge of the seat, provides proper blood flow to the legs and allows you to sit comfortably for an extended period of time.

Nychair X Series Comparison

Nychair X80 has a seat height that makes it easier to stand up and sit than Nychair X. With its raised backrest, it is also suitable as a talking chair. In comparison, Nychair X and Nychair X Rocking have a deep angled seat and a high backrest that allows you to rest your head on the chair. These two models are ideal for watching TV, listening to music or relaxing in general.

Compact and lightweight. Lower seat back and higher seat height compared to the original Nychair X.


Japanese quality

Even during the armrest processing and frame bending, the words of Takeshii Nii were present with the manufacturers: to create a chair that would be reasonably priced and useful, without compromising comfort. To assure the best possible quality, the manufacturing takes place wholly in Japan.


The seat and the back combined, pipe frame, armrests: the NychairX’s structure may be simple, but it requires advanced technology to manufacture. The durable fabric has been made and carefully sewn together by Japanese craftsmen so it can comfortably support the weight of the user and the frame. It also can be freely removed and attached at home.

The making of the NychairX

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