New Release: Nychair X 2024 Limited Edition Oak Earth Mauve Brown

The release is planned for 1st of July 2024 with preorder period planned in June. Please stay tuned.


Homely and grounding warm colors of the Limited Edition are inspired by the seeking of a safe haven, a familiar place filled with furniture full of memories of the past, and they are a reflection of the trend of returning to nature and reconnecting with Earth. In the 1970s, when Nychair X was born, Japan was experiencing the repercussions of the oil crisis, and the economy was stagnant, so many people wanted to find joy in simple things and return to the roots. This sentiment is also shared today.

In times like these, when it is difficult to predict what the future brings, our idea was to create Nychair X that not only embraces the body, but also calms the heart by taking us back into familiar places. The inspiration for the nostalgic and grounding color scheme of the Limited Edition 2024 was taken from the brand archives of the 1970s, making it a model that can be seamlessly blended with vintage pieces of furniture.

Features of 2024 Limited Edition:

Special seat color
Nychair X fabric, which firmly, yet gently supports the body, was manufactured in the special Earth Mauve Brown color. By adding a bit of pink to the calming, earthy brown, we were able to achieve a nuanced and warm tone.

Commemorative brand tag
On the brand tag attached to the seat fabric, we have embroidered “Limited Edition 2024.” We hope that one day you will look at the tag and smile, remembering the fond memories made during the period of use.

Oak armrests
The armrests are made of oak, which has a more coarse grain and gives a strong impression of natural wood. The deep brown has a warm tinge, that harmonizes with a cozy interior that cherishes vintage items and incorporates elements from different cultures. It is stained with usual Nychair X urethane resin coating.


The limited edition will be released in Nychair X, Nychair X Rocking and Nychair X Ottoman models. Replacement seats in Earth Mauve Brown will be available for Nychair X and Ottoman.