Nychair X Assembly Tips

Nychair X Assembly Tips

Here you can find some assembly tips for problems with inserting the screws. Using electrical tools for assembly can damage the threads of the seat pipes, making it impossible to insert the screw.


Before assembly, please check if the tag is on the outer side.

Assembly Tips Details Image 1 Click here if the seat is upside down

Align the seat pipes

If you alight and stack the seat pipes before proceeding to the next step, they will be less prone to changing their position and it will be easier to insert the screws.

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Use a rug under the chair to prevent scratches on the floor. The cardboard packaging can also be used.

Fasten temporarily

Lightly fasten the screws by hand so they do not change their position later. You do not have to tighten them all the way.

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Adjusting the pipe up and down while supporting the seat pipe with your hand will make it easier to tighten the screws.
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Adjust the armrest's and pipe's screw holes, so they are aligned straight before temporarily fastening them.

Tighten the screws

Apply light force and tighten the screws with a Philips screwdriver. By gradually tightening the four screws you might achieve the best results and equally balanced chair.

Assembly Tips Details Image 5
A size 2-3 screwdriver is recommended. A smaller screwdriver might be difficult to use and insufficient to apply sufficient force with.

Open the chair and tighten the screws

As a last step, put the chair in an upright position and open it. Tighten the screws until there is no gap visible between the seat pipes and the armrests, and it is finished.

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When the screw does not go in smoothly

There is a possibility that during tightening, screw holes in armrests and pipes are not straight and misaligned. If the screw is tightened at an angle, the thread on the screw can be irreversibly damaged, preventing it from being tightened again. Therefore, it is important to check if the holes are aligned.

Correcting a reversed seat

Assembly Tips Details Image 7

Hold the ends of the seat pipes.

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Collapse the pipes inwards.

Assembly Tips Details Image 9

Grab the pipes at the bend at the lower end of the backrest.

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Assembly Tips Details Image 11

Make sure the seat is in correct position before assembly.