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History of Nychair X

Born in 1970 and continues to this day History of Nychair X

The history of Nychair X

Nychair X was first released in 1970 by a company named Nyfurniture.
In 2013, the production by Nyfurniture came to an end, and since 2014, the production and sales have been continued by Fujiei Corporation.

Here we would like to present a calendar, starting at the birth of Nychair X, marking the succession by Fujiei Corporation and product development milestones.


Takeshi Nii makes a prototype of a "foldable wooden chair, which can be used on a tatami mat"


Nyfurniture releases Nychair X


Nyfurniture releases Nychair X Rocking and Nychair X Ottoman


Nyfurniture releases Nychair X 80


Fujiei Corporation releases a licensed Nychair F model


Nyfurniture discontinues production of Nychair X


Fujiei Corporation receives the rights to manufacture Nychair X
Fujiei releases Nychair X, Nychair X Rocking, and Nychair X Ottoman


Nychair X Shikiri is released


The limited Nychair X 50th Anniversary Model is released


Nychair X celebrates 50th anniversary
Nychair X Brand Book is published


Nychair X 80 is reintroduced
Nychair X repair service starts in Japan
The limited Nychair X Oil Finish model is released

PREFACE 1956 - 1970

Before Nychair X

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Wooden folding chair

After taking a woodworking course at a vocational training center in Tokushima, Takeshi Nii started manufacturing and selling furniture in 1952. His first chair was the "Small wooden folding chair" announced in 1956. He won the Promotion Award at the 9th SME Export Promotion Exhibition held in Mitsukoshi.

History Details Image 2
Takeshi Nii's corner at a special event Folding Furniture Exhibition held at International Furniture Fair Tokyo.

Since his first creation, Nii firmly believed that the chairs should be easy to sit on, durable and inexpensive. In particular, he was concerned with transportation costs and how they affect the final price of the product. Packing a standard chair in a box felt to him like ""shipping a bulky box of air"", so working on folding chairs to reduce the size of the packaging was a recurring theme in his work.

As a result of continuing to pursue the ideal form through trial and error, in 1970 the Nychair X was born.

CHAPTER 1 1970 - 2005

Fujiei Corporation and Nychair X

History Details Image 3
Takeshi Nii (right) giving a tour of the Nyfurniture factory

Founded in 1945, Fujiei Corporation is a company that manufactures, wholesales and retails a wide selection of lifestyle, interior and furniture goods. It carried Nychair X in its portfolio since its launch in 1970.

In the 1990s, the economic recession caused by the bursting of the bubble economy caused a major change in the furniture business. Department stores were downsizing their furniture sales floors, and furniture stores were closing down, leaving no space to sell products. It was necessary to change the mindset about points of sale, and there was a shift from the specialty shops to large-scale general stores with various lifestyle goods.

Development of licensed Nychair F

History Details Image 4
Nychair F (left) and Nychair F Rocking (right)

The officially licensed Nychair F was released in 2005. The chair was developed in cooperation with Makoto Shimazaki, Professor Emeritus of Musashino Art University and the godfather and director of Nychair. While the shape of the chair remained the same, the color variations and new sales channels were changed to approach a different customer segment than before.

CHAPTER 2 2013 – 2017

Succession for continuing production and sales of Nychair X

History Details Image 5
Exhibition at IFFT/Interior Lifestyle Living

In September 2013, we at Fujiei were shaken by a sudden notice from Nii Furniture Ltd. that they are discontinuing the chair production. The shock reinforced our sense of responsibility as a company that evolved over the past 40 years with Nychair X: "We cannot let this pride of Japan, a chair cherished around the world go extinct".

This pledge had already been shared by the sales team of Nychair X. Indeed, minutes of in-house meetings at Fujiei contain remarks like "we must keep the fire going in any circumstances never to disgrace Takeshi Nii".

In 2014, Fujiei officially succeeded the production and sales of Nychair X along with its history. The operations are directed by Mr. Shimazaki who have long accompanied the steps of Nychair X in place of late Nii.

Bring technologies from different parts of Japan together to carry on the manufacturing spirit

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No design drawings were left for Nychair X. The production process had to be developed from the scratch by studying the chair. The levels of sitting comfort and elegance directly depend on the six types of parts that make up the simple structure. These parts leave no room for compromise, which can only be manufactured by mobilizing advanced technological capabilities. Robust production capacity is vital to ensure reliable market supply. All such requirements were cleared by running entire manufacturing processes in Japan.

Takeshi Nii stuck to his conviction that "true chairs should be affordable and useful as a tool without any compromise on comfort level". Today, artisans carry on his spirit with us by developing and proposing new ways to further enhance quality.

The new Nychair X Shikiri series released for global users

History Details Image 7
Nychair X Shikiri

Encouraged by growing export of knock-down kits that reduced transport costs, Nychair X is appreciated around the world as a masterpiece chair. In 2017, Fujiei released Nychair X Shikiri to offer new options for users around the world that suit their modern lifestyle.

The concept behind the new series is shikiri partitions in traditional Japanese architecture. Ms. Rika Kawato designed it as an embodiment of Japanese dwelling heritage. She explored beauty of Japanese architecture that inspired designs in Denmark, the country of her another ancestry.

By using a gray base color for her textile design, she delicately expressed the respect for harmony among the interior, exterior, and the nature paid in both countries.

CHAPTER 3 2019 – 2022

Two initiatives taken in commemoration of the 50th anniversary and in preparation for the next five decades

History Details Image 8
Nychair X 50th anniversary edition

In 2019, Fujiei released a limited 50th anniversary edition of Nychair X a year ahead of the anniversary. Two types of fabric - kinari (ecru) and kuro (black) – were used along with armrest materials with wood grain or knot patterns. The texture of materials in their natural forms cannot be effectively expressed without solid technological capabilities.

The model demonstrates Fujiei's commitment to carry on the history over the next 50 years in joint efforts with outstanding artisans. In 2020, Fujiei released a concept book that features images from manufacturing sites and daily living to reflect on the past 50 years. It also presents the concept adopted by Fujiei to inherit Nychair business with a roadmap for business succession and development.

A revival edition of Nychair X 80 was launched as the most compact foldable chair among all existing series

History Details Image 9
Nychair X 80

In 2020, Fujiei released Nychair X 80 as the lightest and most compact model among all existing series. It was prompted by a repair requested by a longstanding user. The old Nychair X 80 delivered to us for repair retained elegance and sitting comfort, which fact drove us to the revival at any cost. Back then, however, without enough capacity built up for producing Nychair X or maintaining and enhancing the quality, Fujiei could not embark on product development yet.

In the next several years, our society has radically changed, and lifestyles diversified even further. With stable production in place, Fujiei decided to revive the model as a suitable tool for enjoying emerging lifestyles.

Fujiei launches a repair service for users in Japan to enjoy blissful life with their favorite chairs

History Details Image 10

In 2020, Fujiei launched a repair service for Nychair X in Japan in reinforcement of the preceding repair program conducted since 2020 to meet much greater user needs than initially expected.

Nychair X with a simple structure can be easily disassembled and reassembled with commercially available tools. In most cases, the well-devised chair can be repaired simply through part replacement. Dedicated repair personnel are ready to help any users who find it difficult to repair their chairs by themselves. Fujiei will continue to respond to user needs to use their favorite chairs for many years.

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Designer and Director

How was Nychair X born?

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Commitment to craftsmanship

Thorough domectic manufacturing with thought put into each part

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History of Nychair X

From the birth of Nychair X in 1970 to the present day

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The chair that could only have been made with a uniquely Japanese sensibility. A piece to be proud of in 21st century

by Makoto Shimazaki (Professor Emeritus, Musashino Art University)