Nychair X Collections

Here you can browse Nychair X products by series, as well as find replacement parts and outlet products.
Nychair X

Collection: Nychair X

Store page for the classic Nychair X line in a minimalistic colorway, easily incorporated into any type of interior. Features beech wood and Kurashiki fabric.

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Nychair X 80

Collection: Nychair X 80

Store page for Nychair X 80, a very light and elegant chair that does not require assembly. The design from 1980 features a unique folding mechanism.

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Collection: Nychair X Oil Finish

Store page for a new limited collection with oil-finished armrests. Vegetable oil gives the wood a smooth and matte surface suitable for minimalistic interiors.

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Nychair X Shikiri

Collection: Nychair X Shikiri

Store page for Shikiri series. The mixture of Japanese and Scandinavian influences and elegant oak wood armrests resulted in thecreation of timeless pieces.

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Collection: Outlet

Store page for outlet Nychair X products. Here you can find display pieces or returns in discounted prices.

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Replacement parts

Collection: Replacement parts

Need a replacement seat for a vintage Nychair X or other replacement parts? Look here for all available seat sizes and colors.

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