Folded Nychair X chairs standing together

Over fifty years has passed since Nychair X was designed by Takeshii Nii, and yet the chair continues to be loved by the users and it is considered to be one of the chair design masterpieces. While some simply appreciate the seating comfort and the beauty of the form, some ask: “Why does it fold?” “Is there a reason the chair comes unassembled?” To answer these question, we must admit that a lot of the charm and uniqueness of Nychair X comes exactly from that foldability and assembly method. Let’s take a closer look at the circumstances of the chair’s birth and the benefits of its design and functionality.

First point: “Only a Philipps screwdriver needed! Simple structure and easy assembly”

If one was to give one characteristic of Nychair X, it would be that it is a simple design without any excess. There is one seat for both backrest and seat, pipe legs, two seat pipes, two identical wooden armrests, four separate screws, coming to only a handful of different elements. Assembly is similarly uncomplicated. It can be done with only one standard type of a screwdriver.

Woman assemblying Nychair X with a screwdriver

Second point: “Each part can be repaired! Exceptional durability and repairability”

With continuous use, it is inevitable that some parts break, and some joints become unstable. Since everyone uses their chair differently and in different home environments, there are different parts that are more prone to break for every chair.

To be able to address the issues, we are selling a full range of replacement parts to allow easy maintenance and prolong life of the chair. [currently in Japan only; introduction of full range to European store planned for 2024]

Nychair X Camel with many leg parts behind it in the factory setting

Nychair X has an exceptional durability and its beauty does not deteriorate easily thanks to a thick seat fabric, stainless steel legs, which are resistant to elements and use a finish that does not highlight scratches, and natural wood. Taking care of a piece that is a part of one’s everyday life for a long time and maintaining it can result in developing an even stronger feeling of fondness towards that piece.


Third point: "It is not a lifetime piece, it's a two lifetimes piece! Design that adjust to life changes"

Nychair X is a compact chair that only uses 15 cm of space when folded, and it weights only 6.5 kg, so it can be carried easily between rooms and through corridors. The versatility is the most captivating feature: you can take it out to the balcony on a sunny day; on a rainy day, you can sit by the window or by a fireplace with a cat in your lap. 

The standard colors are blue, terracotta, white, camel and gray. The simple palette that is resistant to trends aims to blend itself into the everyday life and support it. The chair also fits well into any living space, whether it is a traditionally Japanese or a Western interior.

Nychair X in a modern Japanese-style living room

Because of the uncomplicated assembly, the seat color can be changed periodically to match the passing seasons and different room decor. Because the chair can be repaired at home, the long-used Nychair X with unique signs of usage can be passed from parent to child and from child to grandchild over the generations, having "multiple lifetimes".

Living arrangements change. Family size changes. To accommodate these changes, of course, different pieces of furniture are necessary.

While shopping for furniture can be a fun experience, having a piece that feels just right and goes through life with you is also a unique type of joy. We hope it can be experienced with Nychair X.