Nychair X Oil Finish Hero Image

Enjoy the natural look of the wood
and the way it gains personality over time

We have released a limited edition of Nychair X, which combines oil-finished armrests with seats in the most popular colors.

The oil finish is made by rubbing a plant-derived oil on the wood. You can enjoy the expression of the natural wood, including the different grain patterns and knots and the soft-to-touch surface.

Additionally, the more you use the chair, the more personality will appear on the wood surface, making it a piece unique to you. As with each Nychair X product, each piece is carefully made by skilled craftsmen to ensure that you can enjoy your chair for a long time.

Nychair X Oil Finish Cover Image 1

Oil-finished to enjoy the beauty of aging wood
Comparison with standard collection

Nychair X Oil Finish Image 1

Oil Finish

It has a matte texture with no shine, and it is smooth to the touch. The texture and feel of the surface will change over time.

Nychair X Oil Finish Image 2

Urethane resin coating (Natural)

It has a glossy surface, a smooth texture, and is resistant to scratches and dirt. It shows little change over time and maintains a uniform appearance.

The color of the image and the actual product may differ slightly.

Each piece is unique to celebrate the natural diversity of wood

Nychair X Oil Finish Image 3

Intense wood grain

Nychair X Oil Finish Image 4

Uniform and light wood grain

Oil Finish model features a wide range of wood grain patterns.

Nychair X Oil Finish Cover Image 2

A way to sustainability and reducing waste

Beech wood is a natural product and has a wide variety of expressions, from knots and strongly colored grain to more soft and lighter grain lines.

In standard Nychair X Natural and Dark Brown finishes, Natural finish uses more uniform beech wood without knots that are inspected in person to check if the color of both armrests is matching. To minimize wood waste, less uniform wood pieces are coated with dark brown urethane resin.

In the new Oil Finish model, while the armrests are coordinated, they proudly show their grain patterns and knots as proof of their natural origin and uniqueness. This allows us to make full use of the limited resources. We are using wood from sustainably managed forests.